18-days radish

Raphanus sativus var. sativus

Description : Traditional variety, medium-length root

Sowing : January-February in cold frame (12-15°C), March-September on open grounds´, in lines or broadcast the seeds. Press down the soil.

Depth : 2 cm

Germination, soil temperature : 3-4 days

Site : Likes light and rich soils.

Transplanting : Thin out at the 4-5-leaves stage.

Spacing : Line 10-15 cm, Plant 3-5 cm

Care : Water regularly and frequently

Blooming/harvesting time : February-April/April-October. Culture duration: 1 month.

Tip : Friends: Salad (protects against the flea beetle and strengthen the taste), carrot, strawberry, chevril. Foes: cabbage, cucumber.

Best-before date : 07.2024

Brand : Teragile, France | Article number : 302418