Eruca vesicaria subsp. sativa

Description : Discovered a few years ago, Arugula is one of the most liked salads.Mix a bit with other salads, it gives a special note to them! Robust. The plants form rosettes with spoon-like leaves.

Sowing : In open grounds: March-September. Greenhouse : all year long. Easy Sowing: Put the Seed tape in prepared rows, moisturize, cover with soil and press on it.

Germination, soil temperature : 6-12 days, 12-20°C

Site : Sunny-partially shaded, likes loosened soils rich in humus.

Transplanting : No need to transplant, optimal spacing.

Care : The Tape decompose itself in the soil.

Blooming/harvesting time : 4-6 weeks after sowing.

Tip : Arugula doesn’t have special requirements.

Best-before date : 01.2021

Brand : Gartenland, Germany | Article number : 229234