Bush bean Mascotte

Phaseolus vulgaris var. nanus

Description : Stringless bush bean, extra thin, 30 cm. This variety is ideal for cultivation in pots or vegetable patch. The pods grow above the leaves, which makes it easier to harvest.

Sowing : April-Juli

Depth : 2-3 cm

Germination, soil temperature : 5-8 days, 15°C min.

Site : Likes all type of soils, but especially light and warm ones.

Spacing : In seed holes: sow 4-5 seeds in seed holes every 30-40 cm, 40 cm between rows. In lines: One seed every 5 cm on a line. 40 cm between rows.

Care : Hoe a few days after sowing (to aerate the soil and remove weeds), repeat after 3 weeks (height around 10-12 cm). Mound. Water regularly during the blossom and the formation of pods.

Blooming/harvesting time : 8-10 weeks after the first sowing. All 3-4 days during 3-4 weeks.

Best-before date : 07.2021

Brand : Vilmorin, France | Article number : 262593