French Marigold and other tagetes

Tagetes patula,…

Description : Big blossom. Annual. Different colors. Ideal for pots. Height around 30 cm.

Sowing : Inside in pots starting March-May, press into the soil and keep moist.

Depth : 0,5 cm

Germination, soil temperature : 7-15 days, 18-22°C

Site : Sunny-half-shaded, likes permeabel soils rich in nutrients.

Transplanting : Transplant the plants after 1-2 weeks, plant in open grounds starting mid-May-June.

Spacing : 20×20 cm

Blooming/harvesting time : June-October

Tip : Important food plant for insects, good against nematodes. Plant around Vegetables like carrots and tomatoes.

Best-before date : 01.2022

Brand : Gartenland, Germany | Article number : 122009