Garden nasturtium

Tropaeolum majus

Description : Flowers with a lot of different colors (yellow, orange, red, pink-red). Annual. Climbing plants. Up to 30 cm high.

Sowing : February-April in pots. Leave the seeds to swell in water for some hours before seeding.

Depth : 2-3 cm

Germination, soil temperature : 2-3 weeks, 20°C

Site : Sunny-partially shaded, likes sandy, loamey soils without too much humus and nutrients.

Care : Undemanding plant, easy to care for, water mderately.

Blooming/harvesting time : Juli-October, first harvests are possible 6 weeks after sowing

Tip : Everything can be eaten (exept the roots). Leaves, Flowers and buds in salads, green seeds as capers.