Lettuce Attractie

Lactuca sativa var. capitata

Description : Adapted for culture in greenhouse. Ideal for culture an the end of winter. This sort produces big, yellow-green, firm lettuce heads.

Sowing : March-end of May on open grounds. Place the seed tape in a seed furrow, humidifie, cover with soil, tightly press into the soil and water abundantly.

Depth : 1 cm

Germination, soil temperature : 7-12 days, 10-18°C

Site : Sunny-partially shaded. Humid soil rich in nutrients.

Blooming/harvesting time : End of May-End of June.

Tip : The Seeds are in a seed tape, no need to transplant (ideal spacing to each other). The tape decomposes into humus.

Best-before date : 01.2021

Brand : Gartenland, Germany | Article number : 229159