Lactuca sativa, Cichorium intybus var. foliosum,…

Description : A lot of different types of salad.

Sowing : March-September, under shelter for the first sowing, in lines or broadcast the seeds. Renew every 2 weeks to stagger the harvest.

Germination, soil temperature : 5-7 days

Site : Likes fresh, loosened soils.

Transplanting : Thin out if necessary.

Spacing : Line 30 cm, Plant 30 cm.

Care : Hoe and water regularly.

Blooming/harvesting time : May-December. You can start harvesting the leaves when the plants reach a height of 10 cm. Culture duration: 2 months.

Tip : Odorous plants near the salad keep the insects away. Friends: Nasturtium, marigold.

Best-before date : 07.2024

Brand : Teragile, France | Article number : 301336