Origanum vulgare

Description : Perinneal. Also called wild marjoram. Winter hard. Height around 30-60 cm, leaves up to 2cm thickness. The flowers are decorative and attract bees, bumblebees, butterflies and other pollinators. The dried leaves are useful in the kitchen. To dry the leaves, cut the sprouts during blossom (June-September) 5 cm above the soil and hang them out in bundles. Oregano is a treat with all mediterannean vegetables and meat dishes, on pizza and in pasta sauces. Cook the leaves! Before the winter of the first year, cover the plant with bushwood. In the end of winter, cut the old shoots scarcely above the ground.

Sowing : On open grounds, March-June

Depth : Don’t cover the seed with soil.

Germination, soil temperature : 10-15 days, 16-20°C

Site : Sunny and warm, likes permeable soils.

Spacing : 25×25 cm

Blooming/harvesting time : The leaves during the blossom.

Tip : Conservation : freeze or dry the leaves.

Best-before date : 01.2021

Brand : Kiepenkerl, Germany | Article number : 005921