Plant mix for rock garden

Aubrieta x cultorum, Alyssum, Arabis,…

Description : Winter hard, bee friendly, perrenial. Mix of Alyssum, Aubrieta, Arabis and similar. For planting in groups. Source of nectar during spring for honey bees, bumble bees and butterflies. Height aroud 25 cm.

Sowing : March-May in open grounds in rows with 15 cm spacing between them. Keep the soil moist.

Depth : Don’t cover the seeds! Some only germinate in the light.

Germination, soil temperature : 14-21 days, 18-20°C

Site : Sunny, likes permeable soil

Transplanting : April-June

Spacing : 15 cm

Blooming/harvesting time : Mid-March-October in the second year

Tip : The different plants germinate differently fast. Transplant the germinated plants with caution and keep the sowing pot moist, there are still plants that are coming out soon!

Best-before date : 01.2022

Brand : Gartenland, Germany | Article number : 120999