Rosmarinus officinalis

Description : Perennial. Fresh or dried, the leaves are a treat with meat and potato dishes, and with salad. Height around 60-100cm.

Sowing : Starting End of May (after the frost)-Start of Juli in pots (with special soil for sowing). Water the soil before sowing. Press the seeds into the soil, but don’t cover them.

Depth : Only germinates in light!

Germination, soil temperature : 2ß-35 days, 18-25°C

Site : Sunny and warm, likes permable soils. Thrives best in pots indoors on the window sill.

Transplanting : Transplant on open grounds (final spot) when the plant is around 5 cm tall.

Spacing : 20×20 cm

Blooming/harvesting time : May-October, starting March in the second year. All year long on the window sill.

Tip : Rosemay has to spend the winter away from frost. Put the plants in pots und place them indoors on the windowsill. Herbs during the winter!

Best-before date : 01.2020

Brand : Gartenland, Germany | Article number : 110358