Tomato Andes Heirloom

Solanum lycopersicum

Description : Elongated and pointy variety (Andine Cornue/Cornue des Andes in french). From the Andes Mountains. Sturdy, juicy, flavoured and nearly without seeds, early and rustic.

Sowing : February-March under heated shelter, April-May under normal shelter or open grounds.

Germination, soil temperature : 8-10 days, 16-20°C

Site : Sunny, likes all types of soil.

Transplanting : At the 3-4 leaves stage, transplant in small pots and keep under shelter. Plant on open grounds at the end of May-beginning of June.

Spacing : Row 60 cm, line 80 cm

Care : Keep only one stem and remove all suckers from the plant, above the fifth fruit infructescence. Stake to relief the plant. Water regularly and abundantly without wetting the leaves.

Blooming/harvesting time : June/Juli-October

Tip : Mulching is beneficial, especially for tomatoes and Cucurbitaceae . It reduces the growing of weed, protects from slugs and allows for less watering (It is said that hoeing is worth two waterings, mulching worth ten). Only mulch when the plants have grown a few centimeters.| The downy mildew attacks tomatoes: it is a fungus that attacks leaves and fruits until the perishment of the plant. You can fight it by putting some nettles inside the planting hole.| Remove the leaves at the base of the plant.Reduce the watering when the fruits are close to being ripe, they gain in taste this way!

Best-before date : 07.2024

Brand : Caillard, France | Article number : 806342