Cucurbita pepo subsp. pepo convar. giromontiina

Description : Long fruits, good yield

Sowing : April under shelter (15-20°C), in sowing shells (3-4 seeds) with soil/May-June in open grounds, in seed holes (3-4 seeds) with soil

Germination, soil temperature : 8-12 days

Site : Sunny, loves deep soils rich in humus

Transplanting : Keep only one plant per sowing shell and plant in May/Keep only one plant per seed hole

Spacing : 60-80 cm

Blooming/harvesting time : Juli-October, harvest the big fruits, cultivation time : 4 months

Tip : Likes flowers, in particular garden nasturtium, marigold, carnation, tabac plants and borage. Companions: radish, basil (against powdery mildew), peas and beans, onion. Foes: cauliflower, fennel, potatoes.

Best-before date : 07.2024

Brand : Teragile, France | Article number : 301787